Last year, Bill Gates and Harvard University began to block the sun

Gates and Harvard ARE NOT blocking the sun (much as he might like to).

Thanks to Dick Atlee for digging into this; and my apologies for being too quick on the trigger (and late at night).

From Dick Atlee:

No, but it appears that Jim Satney is.

I read the extensive project description and FAQ, which Satney was at least good enough to link to:

I actually could find nothing in it that resembled what Satney was talking about. It isn’t a test — they haven’t tried, and aren’t trying to, test a system. It’s an experiment on a small cylinder of stratosphere (1km long, a football field in diameter) of how particles of ice or calcium carbonate interact with each other and atmospheric gases such as ozone (ozone comes up several times, apparently because they want to learn whether there is a risk of depleting ozone). It’s a chemistry experiment to improve the reality of models — the non-reality of which was just what Satney was complaining about.

The project has gone nowhere so far, apparently. “The balloon flight provider will also engage in this process. We were working with Raven Aerostar, but due to scheduling constraints, we are now seeking to identify a new partner. We will update this page once we select a new balloon flight provider.” The page hasn’t been updated.

Satney says Bill Gates is funding this. I went to the funding page of the Solar Geoengineering Research Project
and found a list of 14 foundations and companies and 12 individuals, of who Bill Gates is one. His share of this is not mentioned. Satney’s claim is at best misleading, unless he has access to privileged information (he did not offer a link to the funding page or any other source).

It gets more incestuous. Satney has an “update” that Andrew Yang was pushing for federal research into geoengineering, with a link to

Hmm. It’s his own website, and the article has a link back to the original article with the words “Bill Gates is currently funding a Harvard research team to block the sun.” Circular reasoning? Snake chasing its tail? Yang has nothing to do with the Harvard project, so why is this an “update?”

Nope. This article is what we would call “pure spin” if it were on a topic we don’t like. It is saying “Eeek, Geoengineering!!!!” and making a mountain out of — to stretch it — a molehill.

I’m not sure why he’s doing this, unless it’s just paranoia. The website’s information on preparation is thorough and looks good. The only thing that might bear on this is that their links to Amazon for their recommended products are of the sort that gives a financial cut to the linker, e.g.

To that extent, you might consider the original article click bait.

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