Il Fauci is a lethal fraud—and should be fired

Meryl Nass notes Dr. Fauci’s inexcusable dismissal of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for COVID-19—an urgent point that Del Bigtree also makes quite powerfully in today’s “Highwire”: Fauci’s NIH began its clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine for treatingCOVID-19 just this month.

This delay is all the more egregious, since Dr. Fauci’s NIH had already done a study of hydroxychloroquine, as a treatment for SARS-2, way back in 2005. So why the weird uninterest in it now?

We know the answer to that question, and that Dr. Fauci’s uninterest in that kind of treatment—a drug treatment—isn’t really weird at all, as it is driven by his (and Bill Gates’) one-eyed focus on a vaccine uber alles.

We also need to note the doctor’s quiet resumption of the highly dangerous—and long illegal—”gain-of-function” studies whereby lethal viruses like this latest one were replicated, as Dr. Judy Mikovits has told us in this interview:

So what do we do about Il Fauci’s dangerous approach to this disease (and not justthis disease)? We call for his removal from that highly influential post, which hehas held too long—so please sign this petition, and send the link far and wide:

(Again, as I wrote last night, Fauci should be replaced by Dr. David L. Katz,whose recent interview I strongly recommend:

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