Dr. John Ioannidis offers some GOOD NEWS that you won’t see reported anywhere (MUST-WATCH)

A new interview with Dr. John Ioannidis, about his preliminary seroprevalence study in Santa Clara County, and its tacit demonstration that the death rate among COVID-19patients has been exaggerated wildly. 

This is good news that “our free press” has so far not reported, and nor are they likely to report it, as it contradicts the terroristic propaganda line that has us under house arrest worldwide.

From John Kirby:

Dr. Ioannidis does not have a political agenda, nor does he favor making money over saving lives. He is simply the best respected epidemiologist and meta-statistician in the world.  And his latest preliminary serology study shows that many more of us have had this than we realize–50-85 times more of us–and that therefore the “infection fatality rate” is equivalent to seasonal flu.

However this panic began, and no matter what agendas it may serve, and now matter how politically and personally invested many of us have become in seeing it continue,  it is time for it to end.

The work of Dr Ioannidis is part of a growing body of data, including the revised estimates of Imperial College and the CDC, (not to mention the original work of Dr. Fauci himself), that make that conclusion clear.

Please share far and wide.

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