A doctor in New Zealand pleads with the prime minister to reconsider the extended lockdown there

From Dr. Emanuel Garcia, a citizen of both the US and New Zealand:
Dear Prime Minister Ardern,
I am a psychiatrist employed by the Hutt Valley DHB, with whom I have worked for over 14 years, and I am writing to express my concernsabout the effects of the lockdown and isolation imposed by your emergency decrees on people generally, particularly those with mental illness.I also believe that any extended lockdown will be medically unsound from an infectious disease perspective, as it will prevent the developmentof natural group immunity.People must be people: we cannot live for very long without the sustaining glow of human companionship, or the productive cooperation that employment affords.  Businesses are going under, workers are losing jobs they will never recover, anxiety and depression are worsening,and for what?  While we may make a daily ritual of counting Covid-related deaths and Covid carriers, the vast majority of whom are asyptomatic,will there be a similar toll of the misery that is unfolding as a result of depression, isolation, unemployment and the interruption of religiouscelebrations? In summary, how many people are we actually saving from an infectious disease that is turning out according to the most reliablestatistics to be no worse than an ordinary flu, and at what cost to our mental, emotional, economic and spiritual well-being?Please allow me to refer you to the superb interview with a medical expert from the United States (see below), as well as the article in which other experts weigh in on COVID.I am a dual citizen of the United States and New Zealand, by the way, and I am doing my bit during this difficult time to sustain the health of my fellow New Zealanders, as a doctor.Sincerely,Emanuel E. Garcia, MD
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Off-Guardian, 24 Mar 2020

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The Press & The Public Project, 9 Apr 2020

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