65% of 1,200+ doctors say they would prescribe hydroxychloroquine for their own families

All these doctors must know something that “our free press” doesn’t want the rest of us to know; and it’s not just the corporate media. Today’s “Democracy Now!” led with the story that Brazil has halted its clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine, because 11 people died.

The trials in Wuhan and in France had no such fatal consequences, no doubt because they were conducted properly; but that nuance is missing from the “DN!” story—which,just like the New York Times, pounds the point that “President Trump has repeatedly touted hydroxychloroquine,” and so the drug can’t work, because he said it does, or might. 

With all those doctors prescribing it for COVID-19 patients, and its effectiveness having been confirmed by those two trials, who, in this case, is more culpable? The president who’s “repeatedly touted” it, or the press that’s keeping people in the dark about it (andnot just about that drug, but the several others that show promise against COVID-19, and that Trump hasn’t “touted”)? 


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