“Your papers, please”: Life under lockdown in Paris

From Matt Morley on Facebook:


THIS [attached] is called an “Attestation de Déplacement Derogatoire” which means a “Statement of Exceptional Excursion,” and we are required to complete and carry this form for ANY movement outside our homes, dated and signed in printed or facsimile version. As you can see at the top, it is a regulation imposed by Presidential decree specifically for the purpose of containing Covid-19. It came into effect last Monday, and there are specific conditions:

Name, date of birth and address

Certification of AUTHORIZED REASON for exiting your home, indicating one of the following cases:

[] Journeys between home and legitimate place of work or business, if such employment cannot be exercised at distance (requires another declaration, from your employer) or commitments which cannot be altered otherwise.

[] Shopping for necessary household or personal items from shops and suppliers which are legally permitted to remain open for business (there’s a list!)

[] Health and medical reasons

[] Vital family reasons such as providing care for aged or vulnerable persons, or necessary childcare.

[] Short, local excursions for personal well-being and exercise, not including team sport activities, or for walking the dog (or whatever, I guess!)

The police and all associated arms of civil authority have the right to demand presentation of this paper from anyone seen out in public, walking or using other means of transport, and failure to produce it or not complete it correctly will land you a fine of 135€ (and likely have your personal details recorded as a miscreant and troublemaker!)

Meanwhile, the military are also patrolling certain suburbs and sensitive sites, in force! That’s life under pandemic for you, and we all caved in to it!

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