William Greider tells the truth about Social Security

Thanks to Beverly Bandler.

On Greider’s takedown of the mythology re: Social Security—and Obama’s complicity—back in 2010:


William Greider on Social Security Trudy Lieberman interviewed the late William Greider on the traditional” (a.k.a. corporate) media’s reporting on Social Security in 2010

Greider’s Main Points     

The failure of the “traditional” media to accurately report on Social Security, its fundamentals and condition in straightfoward, non-ideological, non-argumentative coverage is a staggering scandal.

Social Security has not contributed a dime to the federal deficit, but has piled up trillions in surpluses ($2.5 trillion in 2010 when Greider was interviewed), which the government has borrowed and spent.

Most reporters, with few exceptions, assume the “respectables” are telling the truth about Social Security,   when it is really propaganda. Reporters of corporate media develop sources, write for those sources and do not want to offend them.

Opponents of Special Security deliberately confuse Social Security with Medicare. Medicare is separate from Social Security. Medicare does have concerns due to rising medical costs.

The government has borrowed from the Social Security funds paid for by American workers via payroll taxes          (FICA), and the federal government has to pay this money back. The elites in the two major political parties know this and don’t want to pay it back. So, they create a phony argument that slyly blames working people for the federal deficit (in reality, caused by the Forever War, tax cuts and other expenditures)–the problem they have created. The bipartisan subterfuge: frighten the public about deficits and push for cutting Social Security benefits.

Those who challenge the elite establishment’s distortions and lies about Social Security with verified facts are          marginalized as “lefties.” 

Suggested Reading

McCarter, Joan. Trudy Lieberman interview: “William Greider’s critique of the traditional media’s Social Security           failure.” DailyKos, 2010-12-30.

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