What we’d all better know about this new coronavirus

Meryl Nass has been working as a biowarfare epidemiologist for over 30 years, doggedly—indeed, heroically—pursuing the inconvenient truth about bioweapons and vaccine injuries. She championed the soldiers who were sickened by the anthrax vaccine, and in so doing earned the malign attention of the US government. She’s also rightly skeptical, and a sharp analyst, of state propaganda drives in general, so would be tagged as a “conspiracy theorist,” like all other thinking people in these dark days of the Big Lie.

It’s therefore especially urgent that we follow what she has to say, and the material—news and medical research—that she’s been posting on her blog, about this new coronavirus; for it is not a hoax, nor has the danger actually been overblown, despite its loud, fascistic exploitation by Big Pharma and the powers that be. Yes, this threat is being used to bring us to our knees, prepare us all for mandatory vaccination, sabotage (what’s left of our) electoral democracy, get rid of cash, and otherwise establish absolute control by the elites; but none of this means that the new coronavirus is a fantasy. Probably concocted in some bioweapons lab (most likely in this country), COVID-19 is very real, and very dangerous.  

So we must take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and others, doing what’s required to halt the spread of this disease, which is in many ways unprecedented. (“It’s the worst thing that I’ve ever seen,” Meryl told me.)  

I therefore strongly recommend we follow Meryl’s blog, which has been offering important truths about vaccines and other dangers since 2007:


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