What to do about the theft of Bernie’s victories (since Bernie won’t do anything)?

A few days before last Sunday’s Bernie/Biden face-off, one of our subscribers emailed me to say that he has close connections to Bernie’s campaign, and had passed along to Levi Sanders, Bernie’s son, my little essay on Bernie’s ruinous failure to say anything about the tricks and tactics used to steal his victories in Iowa, Massachusetts and elsewhere:

The email was upbeat, promising that Bernie would at last address the issue toward the end of the debate, and that I should watch—which I did; and when, toward the end, the perfect moment came, as they were talking about Biden’s recent “sweep,” and the failure of young people to turn out, etc., Bernie blewit, saying nothing. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them think,” my friend wrote ruefully when it was over. 

So now what? Since Bernie won’t say anything, it’s up to his supporters to step up and investigate what really happened in those states that Biden “won”—as Jill Stein had the guts to do four years ago, when she demanded recounts in the swing states that (allegedly) put Trump in office. Anyone who hasn’t been completely flattened by the lockdown of America, and wants to join this effort, should contact Mark Adams, a relentless champion of fair elections.


From Mark Adams (
Unfortunately, Bernie had 4 years to raise awareness about how the secret vote “counting” computers were used to steal his nomination in 2016, but he didn’t say anything.  If he did, he didn’t say it loud enough and often enough or introduce any bill seeking to require action which would make it much more difficult to rig our elections.  So, I doubt that he will do anything now. 

However, if his supporters want to show that the primaries were stolen from Bernie and push him to take action, let me know.  As John is aware, I know how to gather the evidence to prove election theft and I know how to pursue justice although in case anyone missed it, we lost democratic control of our justice system 75 years ago.

For those who missed the news about the proof that the secret vote count is used to rig elections, see Have American Elections Really Been Stolen? – The Proof at It was also a Top Scoop on Scoop for several days. See it at

If you still just can’t believe that the government would violate the law in the land that promises liberty and justice for all, see Would Congressional Democrats Cover Up Neo-Con Election Fraud? No Way, Right?!?! at This article was also a Top Scoop on Scoop for several days.  See it at

The reason why the Neocon Deep State scum can rig elections with impunity, other than the fact that their politicians and their “news” media won’t talk about the fact that our votes are “counted” in secret, is because our justice system which was designed to be democratically controlled was switched to an aristocratically controlled on in 1945.  For details, see Why is injustice rampant in our democracy? at and check out the my comments which expand on the info in the article.

Mark Adams JD/MBA

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