What Goldman told 1,500 clients in emergency conference call just yesterday (with some explosive context)

Let me preface this dire forecast, by a Goldman insider, with an email from Darwin K. Hoop, who wrote me in response to “Observations from a cooler head in Italy,” wherein Monica Manconi speculated that some of the first deaths in Italy were presumed to have been caused by COVID-19:

I suspect most of those cases were “presumed.” IMHO, this panic was manufactured to 1) loot Western “markets” and treasuries;
2) lock in vaccine eugenics and Pharma as the dominant growth sector;
3) distress the poor, frail, and elderly to early graves with or without the assistance of a new pathogen (the death rate will skyrocket from the loss of security and acute uncertainty); and 
4) to attempt to force Russia and possibly Saudi Arabia to their knees economically, by killing demand for petrol, which is also very much the purpose of Operation Greta.

This is a dreadful way to live. Most think their pensions went to money heaven. They did not. They went to rich predators who shorted the market to Hell, and they’re not even finished yet. ALL big moves are engineered by market makers, and it’s the epitome of insider trading. Many CEO’s were tipped off. Lots of rich sold their long positions and went short. BTW, most Americans can’t join the party because you can’t use fiduciary investments like trusts and retirement funds to go short.

In coming years, we will find that Trump’s family and admin were short and that the $.1.5 trillion pumped into the markets was injected just to help sweeten the short sales. The looted wealth will go into their bitcoin accounts and into the next market the cartel wants to juice, probably China.

This is how people should live? Giving the world’s worst people all the wealth and control? There’s really no other way things can turn out in a system like this.

And now read this:

“Half Of America Will Get Sick”: Here Is What Goldman Told 1,500 Clients In Its Emergency Sunday Conference Call

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