The real danger of COVID-19, and why we DO need “social distancing” (MUST-READ)

As we struggle to make sense of this unprecedented crisis, with lockdowns imposed throughout the world, under a global blizzard of official lies, we must pay close attention both to the abundant evidence that this crisis was deliberately created, to the obscene benefit of state and corporate powers, and to the very solid evidence that this disease is not a hoax, but very real, and just as dangerous as our fear-mongering “free press” says it is, whatever interests may be driving them.

This certainly is not to say that all the terroristic coverage is remotely adequate, as it keeps hammering the lie that COVID-19 is (to quote You-Know-Who) “a Chinese virus,” while blacking out the copious evidence that it originated here. Those who get their news from “our free press” also must know nothing about Event 201 (just as they knew nothing of PNAC’s pre-9/11 recommendation of “a new Pearl Harbor”), nor anything about the promising treatments for this new coronavirus, since that news might moderate the panic we’ve been made to feel.

What’s also missing from the coverage is the expert testimony of those doctors who’ve been on the front lines trying to treat COVID-19 patients. Why have there been no press conferences featuring such doctors? Why has (say) the New York Times not told itsreaders what’s been happening, specifically, in New York’s hospitals (i.e., those thathaven’t been demolished to make way for luxury high-rises, as over 30 have)? The absence of such reportage has left a void that’s been filled in by speculations that nobody, or very few, have really died of COVID-19, just as some of those notorious mass shootings were mere theater, whose seeming victims were just crisis actors. 

In fact, those speculations often are convincing, based on solid evidence—whereas the theory that COVID-19 is really no more lethal, or, indeed, less lethal, than the flu, and isn’t really killing anyone, or killing very few, is dangerously wrong. The evidence (blacked out by “our free press”) that it may well have been concocted for eugenic purposes confirms the fact that this coronavirus is uniquely lethal, as it is peculiarly persistent and contagious, and therefore overwhelming hospitals, and killing people just as the attacks on 9/11 did. This bitter truth is something we must face, and not deny by treating this new plague as nothing but a propaganda fantasy, however true it also seems to be that mighty interests have rolled out this crisis with the utmost skill at propaganda “shock and awe.”

To grasp the scope of this real danger, please read, and circulate, this comprehensive overview by Dr. Meryl Nass, whose expertise as a biowarfare epidemiologist is far more appropriate than, say, Dr. Ron Paul’s (he being an obstetrician/gynecologist), and whose heroic record as a fighter for the truth against Big Pharma and its vaccine absolutists, and as a canny disbeliever in the state’s Big Lies since JFK had his head blown off in Dallas, should be enough to make the toughest skeptics listen to her. Those of us who care about the truth, however troubling it may be, must study her expert assessment here, and then do what we can to help slow down the spread of this disease, so that its makers don’t prevail.


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