Telegraph (UK) columnist says coronavirus “cull” of elderly could benefit economy

This Malthusian take on COVID-19 as maybe a good thing, since it will “cull” a lot of useless, doddering drags on the economy, offers us a glimpse into the possibility that COVID-19 has a eugenic purpose. 

That possibility may be a probability, what with the involvement of Bill Gates in this crisis. An avid eugenicist (like his mom and dad, who have been less guarded on the subject than he is), Gates, last October, joined the World Economic Forum, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in sponsoring a “tabletop” exercise called Event 201, which “simulated a global outbreak of coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people.”

There is much more to say about Gates’ efforts at “population control.” Suffice it to say here that, if this new coronavirus (a) did originate as a bioweapon, with (b) the aim not just of crippling “enemies” of the US, but of even further lessening the world population, then the theory that this whole thing is way overblown may not be adequate to what’s now happening, and what may happen in the weeks to come.

On the other hand, both theories could be sound: COVID-19 could have a eugenic purpose, and the panic over it has been deliberately incited, not to serve the public health, but to bring us to our knees, empowering the state to ramp up its surveillance and control, “postpone” elections, silence dissidents, eventually force vaccinations on us all, and otherwise crack down on us for good.


Telegraph journalist says coronavirus ‘cull’ of elderly could benefit economy 

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