STOP THE PRESSES! Tulsi Gabbard recommends some TRUTH about JFK/Dallas—and Counterpunch salutes her for it!

That a US presidential candidate (albeit one who’s been blacked out) would publicly endorse James Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable is, to say the least, remarkable; but that Counterpunch would then salute her for it is astonishing, in light of that “left” outlet’s sorry history as an organ of denialism vis-a-vis high crimes against American democracy.

Let’s not forget that Alexander Cockburn, co-founder of that magazine, was always quick to jeer the “conspiracy theorists” studying the JFK murder plot, those looking into 9/11, and the “ravings” of those investigating Bush/Cheney’s election thefts; nor let us forget that Counterpunch consistently maintained Cockburn’s snickering posture after his demise in 2012, in its staunch denialism weirdly like the New York Times and all our other quasi-journalistic outlets for the world-view of the CIA.

In short, this is a must-read article, and one to send out far and wide.


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