Some propaganda highlights from today’s NYTimes

1. On p. A8 (of the paper paper): “Outbreak Provides an Opportunity for Putin’s Budding Surveillance State.” This is what we get online:

Not Just a Crisis: Coronavirus Is a Test for Putin’s Security State:The outbreak offers an opportunity to examine the capabilities of Russia’s expanding surveillance apparatus, and gives Vladimir Putin a chance to prove his indispensability.

The article goes on and on in that same vein, casting COVID-19 as “an opportunity for Mr. Putin to show an uneasy public the effectiveness of rigid top-down governance and a strong, centralized state,” and so on: “Russian news outlets reported Tuesday that  even tougher measures may be coming, including a lockdown and quarantine of Moscow.”

Isn’t that so typical of Putin—using a “virus-related crackdown” to monitor the movements of the people? Isn’t it just like Putin to threaten “news outlets and websites that spread false information about the virus”? Isn’t it so typical of Putin to order the police to “catch people ignoring home-quarantine orders”?

The propaganda here lies in the tacit—and insane—assurance that that sort of thing would never happen here, although it is happeningfrom coast to coast in the US, and all over the West, as in, say, France, where Macron’s “virus-related crackdown” is no joke—and has gone unreported by the Times.

Thus the Times exploits this crisis to maintain its propaganda war against the Soviet Un—er, Russia, i.e., Putin.

2. On the front page (of the paper): “A Global Race to Figure Out a Silver Bullet” [sic]. Online, the propaganda mission is more obvious:

Search for Coronavirus Vaccine Becomes a Global Competition: The United States, China and Europe are battling to be the first to find a cure, bringing a nationalist element to a worldwide crisis.

Thus “a cure” means, necessarily, some vaccine—an equation that blacks out the fact that certain drugs have actually shown promise against the new coronavirus. This black-out on alternatives to vaccination—alternatives that actually exist, and are more than likely to be safer than vaccines rushed out by “battling” interests—is perfectly in keeping with the Times‘ long fealty to Big Pharma, for which it functions as a propaganda bullhorn to promote the MMR vaccine and Gardasil, among other toxic substances, and mandatory vaccination overall.What about choloroquine? The Times pooh-poohs its possible effectiveness as yet another of Trump’s crackpot fantasies—notwithstanding its apparent promise, as attested by a group of Chinese scientists, in Nature:

What about Favipiravir (brand name Avigan), a Japanese flu drug that China has called “very safe and clearly effective”? While Forbes has prominently covered this development, the Times has only run a Reuters business story: “Fujifilm Shares Jump 15% on China CoronavirusDrug Trial Boost.”

And then there’s Interferon Alfa-2B, a Cuban anti-viral drug that has been used in China, Spain and Italy to treat COVID-19—as unreported by the Times
The promise of such drugs can’t be reported in the Times, unless it’s to assert their uselessness, because the great Gray Lady is a longtime high-class whore for the Vaccine-Industrial Complex.

3. On p. A6: “Where Social Distancing Is Impossible, Expecting a TerribleToll.”

Online we get this:

‘Wash Our Hands? Some People Can’t Wash Their Kids for a Week.’: In devastated northwestern Syria, the coronavirus may already be spreading in packed displacement camps, and the international response is weeks behind.

Like the piece on Putin’s “virus-related crackdown,” this COVID-19 story is another shot of war propaganda, condemning “Mr. Assad’s forces and their Russian allies” for immiserating all those Syrians crammed into Idlib City. And, because of what it doesn’t mention, this piece is also an oblique shot of Zionist propaganda, since this sad piece on a place “where social distancing is impossible” says nothing about Gaza, where the crowding isn’t temporary, as in Idlib City, but a permanent condition; and while “Mr. Assad’s forces and their Russian allies” are, according to the Times, to blame for the susceptibility of those Syrians to COVID-19, it’s Israel that has long kept all those Palestinians inside the concentration camp called “Gaza”—and so, while other, smaller outlets have reported on it, the Times has printed not a word about the threat of COVID-19 spreading there, thereby practicing “journalistic apartheid,” as Mondoweiss has recently observed:

See also:

(While blacking out the danger to the Palestinians in Gaza—and, as usual, the Occupation overall—today’s Times does include, on p. A20, a short piece on Israel’s political situation: “Israelis Mount Protest Convey in Opposition to Netanyahu.” There, as everywhere else, COVID-19 has its uses as antidote to protest: “Citing the coronavirus, police blocked roads surrounding Parliament.”)

Those three examples are the least of it; but they’re all I have time to cover at the moment. Doing justice to the propaganda pumped out daily by the New York Times would actually require another newspaper, with a large staff of real reporters, none of whom would be connected to the CIA, the Pentagon, Big Pharma and/or AT&T/Verizon/Sprint, and all of whom would be devoted to the truth.


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