On “Russia” sowing “chaos” in the USA (by “interfering” in this year’s election, just like four years ago)

Back in the days of the USSR, there was at least a vaguely theoretical basis for this fantasy of Kremlin efforts to sow discord in the USA, by (somehow) orchestrating unrest over civil rights and Vietnam. After all, the Kremlin had had a (brief) history of dedication to world revolution, so one could, and many did, on that basis charge that “they” were trying to induce our national collapse by covert means.

Although that program was imaginary, such accusations back then were as rational as “2 +2 = 4” by contrast with their sequel now, as Russia is no longer communist, is NOT (as far as they’re concerned) “our’ enemy, and so this lunacy is obvious as such to anyone with half a brain—which means that the Democratic Party, “our free press,” and all those liberals parroting their line are (except for those affiliated with the CIA) misinformed as  thoroughly—and lethally—as the German masses eighty years ago. I end by noting that this “chaos” theory about Russia is (as all war propaganda tends to be) malignantly projective, since it’s the US that’s busy sowing chaos throughout Russia, as well as China, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Syria and so many other countries all around the world.


Comment by Vladimir Golstein on the Wired article below:

What Does Russia Want?

Well, the answer is obvious. At least to the dimwits who are allowed to pontificate on the issues way beyond their level of expertise: Russia Wants Chaos.

It used to be a purely demonic activity: to sow chaos and discord. But ever since demons has given up on earth as the place that offers very little resistance and challenge, they’ve just entrusted their mission to Russians.

“All of this is part of Russia’s much broader effort to cast democracies as feckless, ineffective, and corrupt” — according to one “specialist” quoted in this pathetic exercise at propaganda.

But why should Russians stop just at democracies? There is so much chaos to saw and rip.

Here is the list of recent Russian ventures into chaos-planting.

1. There was a time when markets and Wall Streets function well, and secured the wealth flowing into the pockets of everyone. Now Russians are tinkering with it, making sure to cast markets as feckless, ineffective and corrupt.

2. There was a time when there were only two genders and they were clearly defined. Not anymore. Russians began to tinker with it introducing every increasing number of genders and sexual identities, making sure that our thinking on this issue is cast as feckless, ineffective, arbitrary and based on ideology rather than reality and science.

3. Climate. Climate was so nice and friendly, and constant. Now Russians generate fires and rains and snows and lack of snows, and have introduced total chaos in the field which was so well maintained by blond bimbos reading weather reports in their skimpy outfits.

4. Viruses. Don’t even get me going. Russians generate viruses, and discussion of viruses, and discussion of vaccines that are supposed to cure or promote viruses. In short, the whole discussion of viruses has become a virus pandemic in itself. Consequently, our believe in medicine and good conscientious caring doctors and scientists is utterly shattered. Instead, Big Farma is cast as feckless, ineffective and corrupt.

5. Mass media. Having driven their own news into the ground, with the endless amount of boring, monotonous propaganda, Russians have taken over CNN, NYT, WaPo, and other monopolies of keep on producing reports, which as even more tedious, unimaginative, shrill, and detached from reality, than the usual Pravda output. Consequently, in the eyes of everyone – -who still thinks that reality and its description should somehow in tune — mass media is cast as utterly feckless, ineffective and corrupt.

Are you scared enough? Not to worry. There are amazing security and intelligence agencies, that are taking on Russians. Now these agencies are –run by efficient westerners, and not by sloppy Slavs– are going to generate so much chaos, and corruption, and bullshit, that all Russian efforts would be drowned and would come to naught. Once again proving to the rest of the world, that American chaos is the only exceptional chaos in the world, that leaves all those petty Russki chaoses in the dust.

Russia Doesn’t Want Bernie Sanders. It Wants Chaos

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