Observation by a cooler head in Italy

Monica Manconi 
I am in northern Italy. I can tell you that this virus is psychological. People are getting mad at each other. There is no shortage of food or anything but common sense. The Higher Institute of Medicine (ISS) is the official organism to monitor and collect data on epidemics and national relevant medical problems. On March 13 the director of the institute, in a public conference, said that in the first 100 casualties they checked after the outbreak of COVID-19 only TWO died of (probably) coronavirus. The remaining 98 died WITH the coronavirus, they were all elderly people, average age 81, with one or more pathological and incurable diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, etc). So COVID was not responsible for these deaths. The institute authority is indisputable, they examined the official data and provided a scientific frame. Yet guess what? The mainstream media said NOTHING about it and the relentless campaign of terror continues.

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