Objections to James Grundvig’s piece on 5G and COVID-19

From Dick Atlee:

To me, this is another example of problems that happen when someone starts talking about something on a superficial level without “knowing what he’s
talking about.” Maybe I’m missing something — and I’m not saying 5G isn’t extremely dangerous — but the linkage to COVID-19 in this article just doesn’t hang together.

Here are a few points.

* If Wuhan was bad because it is a 5G city, what is happening in Houston TX, which is the US model 5G city? Is the implication of the lack of death headlines from Houston that despite being fully infrastructured for 5G, the city hasn’t turned the system on yet?

* Are those three cruise ships actually 5G hotspots? Why would you want 5G on ship? It doesn’t make any practical sense. And if those three actually WERE outfitted with 5G, is it the case that no other cruise ship are? If there are others, are they also Corona-ridden?

* “The IOC recently canceled the Tokyo Summer Olympics, not due to the outbreak in Japan, but likely from so many nations that are now battling
the virus.”

He’s correct on that, but doesn’t point out the actual reason — that the Olympic trials were schedule to come up soon, and with so many athletes in lockdown in some countries, they won’t have been able to train to reach
their peaks, while at the same time other countries are not so disadvantaged, which is an unfair imbalance.

* “no new vaccine trials were launched in Wuhan in 2019”

I’m not sure how this squares with the Chinese launching of a major vaccination drive (not a “trial”) on December 1, 2019, as noted on Highwire several episodes ago.

* “Hakusui noted that 60GHz was the true radiofrequency that would allow for reliable transmission of data, due to its “98 percent oxygen absorption” rate. That allowed for the invisible signals to be sent from point A and B, and back again on the same path. Super-efficient and a
technological milestone…“Since the presence of O2 is fairly consistent at ground level, its effect on 60GHz radio propagation is easily modeled for margin budgeting purposes. Also, the high level of attenuation from oxygen absorption…”

from which Grundvig concludes

“If 5G at 60 GHz frequency zips through the air, absorbing most of the oxygen…”

Microwaves do NOT absorb oxygen. Period. Grundvig is getting backwards what Hakusui is saying, from a startling misunderstanding of chemistry/physics. I’m having trouble myself parsing Hakusui, but the fact is that matter absorbs EM radiation, not the other way around. What the significance of the oxygen is in Hakusui’s piece is not yet clear to me, but it ain’t what Grundvig is saying — and he goes farther to bring in the oxygen in water, which is NOT what Hakusui is talking about when he refers to O2.

If 5G is having the biological effect Grundvig talks about in terms of absorbing oxygen — we’re talking about a fundamental metabolic reality of humans, in fact all life — why didn’t everyone in Wuhan die immediately?


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