More on Facebook’s sudden censorship

This is noteworthy:

Facebook appears now to be censoring ALL posts on COVID-19’s origins as a bioweapon, among some few other posts about the virus. (Weirdly, they’ve censored one about Chef Jose Andres turning eight of his restaurants into community kitchens.) Many FB friends report the same thing happening to their posts as happened to mine.

On the other hand, FB is (so far) NOT censoring posts taking issue with the official narrative—that COVID-19 is extremely dangerous. Those posts tending to make people panic, AND those reassuring us that there’s no cause for alarm, are all still up there (as of now).

If this is a strategic thing, and not mere incompetence or some weird algorithmic glitch, it could be meant to keep us in uncertainty, and therefore anxious, as anxiety makes people easier to manipulate (as, of course, outright panic does).


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