More on 5G and the coronavirus

From Les Jamieson:
Hello all,
For weeks I’ve been hearing about Wuhan, China running on full 5G wireless infrastructure, the effect on the immune system, and of course, the connection to the whole Corona virus outbreak. Here’s a video by a woman named Dana Ashley, who goes into quite a bit of scientific detail on how 60 Mh restricts the flow of oxygen in the body and the similarities of the virus symptoms. She also covers how the big cruise ship with so many infected people has a satellite-run high speed wireless network. It’s about an hour long and well worth the time. I see she’s done a few other in-depth pieces on 5G on Youtube

On a related track, I heard an NPR interview yesterday which included a community leader in Chinatown sharing how traffic is way down. The way he knows is that the garbage bins, which have transmitters, show that there is a lot less trash than normal! So rather than just having sanitation workers report on the reduction in trash, the city has to put transmitters emitting EMR. What’s so smart about that? Imagine all the other ways plans are being made to use wireless transmitters to do mundane tasks just to create this big info grid. 

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