Many Trump supporters had backed Bernie Sanders first

Although it skirts the evidence that Hillary didn’t really lose, this piece is invaluable for its specifics on the clear “electability” of Bernie Sanders, who had notable support among eventual Trump voters in the swing states.

That fact is politically important—nay, explosive—inasmuch as Bernie appeals strongly to younger voters of color, so that his run would have a tremendous unifying impact on America’s have-nots—which cannot be allowed in this plutocracy.

This explains the firm alliance between Republicans and Democrats, Trump and the New York Times, against Sanders—as today’s edition of that “great newspaper” makes quite clear:

“Papers Detail Soviet Hopes for Sanders,” runs the headline on today’s front page.

And, on the bottom of p. A15, in a piece on Trump’s town hall in Biden’shometown, Scranton, there’s this bit from the president, on his shift in strategy since Super Tuesday:

“Mr Trump said he had prepared his attacks on Mr. Sanders. ‘So, mentally, I’m all set for Bernie—communist. I had everything down, I was all set,’ he said.”

Now if only Bernie would just make this point himself, calling out those Democrats who claim to be “resisting” Trump, yet use his playbook, to keep us all divided, and our overlords secure.


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