Malthusian war against the old: UK “asking” people over 70 to stay home “for up to four months,” “for their own protection.”

This may mean that that Telegraph journalist who casually noted the economic benefit of COVID-19 killing off the old was an insider, privy to, and sharing, the Malthusian thinkingof Boris Johnson’s government (and other powers as well).

The Guardian reports the new government policy of “asking people over 70 to stay home”for up to four months,” so as to be “shielded for their own protection.”

From Darwin K. Hoop:
It’s official:
Part of the Operation COVID is to cull the elderly and poor so the effing rich can have another Bugatti or yacht this year. This is VERY REAL. The UK does indeed plan to isolate people over the age of 70 to save them from contracting a virus where isolation is known to be deadly to the elderly. Which is obviously the point. Look below and find that Italy is floating plans to permit people aged 80 or older to simply DIE.

John Pilger’s tweet:

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