Joe Biden’s dementia is no laughing matter

What this video reveals of Biden’s incoherence isn’t funny, both because it’s evidence of a severe affliction, and because it means that Donald Trump, with this mental wreck as his opponent, will sail into a second term. 


From Seth Farber:

Biden’s political policies are irrelevant at this point: The man cannot win—he is in a severe state of mental disability. WATCH THIS VIDEO. What does this say about the party establishment who lined up behind a man who has virtually lost his mind? What does it tell you about Obama, Harry Reid, Pelosi, Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke, Klobuchar, Clyburn—all of whom, unlike the average voter, have listened to Biden speak and know he’s suffering from severe dementia—as this video shows—and lined up behind him anyway? It clearly shows stopping Sanders, an FDR Democrat, is more important to them (lest he raise their taxes) than beating Trump.

But consider the profound cynicism and contempt for Democratic Party voters that enables them to do ANYthing to stop Bernie! So blinded are they by their fear of a reform Democrat that they will stoop this low. They are not stupid–unlike many voters, they know Biden has dementia, they know he cannot win. Yet they are deceiving voters into believing Biden is the most electable opposition to Trump!

The Democratic Party establishment and the “moderates” who endorsed Biden, have betrayed their Party, they have betrayed their constituents, they have betrayed the American people—and they are taking advantage of a pitiful man who will go down to a humiliating defeat, a sick man who belongs in an assisted living facility, not on the campaign trail. 

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