It’s “cruel” not to let biological males trounce girls and women in athletic competitions, says “feminist” Liz Warren

While hollering at Bloomberg for his sexist cracks was easy for the senator, she doesn’t seem to grasp the meaning or importance of Title IX, or, if she does, to care about it:


Title IX was established in 1972 to provide everyone with equal access to any program or activity that receives Federal financial assistance, including sports. This means that federally funded institutions, such as public schools, are legally required to provide girls and boys with equitable sports opportunities. know she’s not that ignorant, or stupid, so what’s this really all about? It can’t be about winning the minuscule trans athlete vote, or the votes of all those “woke” types who would think that her misogyny is cool, because there aren’t enough of them to justify it. It surely will help Donald Trump. Is that the point?


Warren Urges Arizona to Reject ‘Cruel’ Bill Banning Males from Competing in Female Sports

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Thursday decried an Arizona bill that would prevent biological males from competing in girls sports, calling the legislation “cruel.”

“Trans athletes are not a threat,” Warren wrote in a tweet. “We need to protect trans kids—and all LGBTQ+ kids—and ensure they feel safe and welcomed at school. I urge the Arizona legislature to reject this cruel bill.”The “Save Women’s Sports Act” would assign high-school students to interscholastic and intramural leagues by their “biological sex” rather than the gender with which they identify, grouping biological females together and likewise for biological males.

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