Help this investigation of the Massachusetts vote!

From Ralph Lopez:

Looking at the results for MA they are telling me that Biden bested both Sanders and Warren for a chunk of Mass’s significant 100 delegates in  Worcester, Bristol, Plymouth Counties, and the right to claim “victory” in Massachusetts.  An important symbol as a liberal state.  The most significant thing about these counties is they are home to the lowest-income, grittiest rust-belt demographics in the state.  The major population centers of these counties are Worcester (second-largest city next to Boston), Fall River, New Bedford, and Brockton.   All 20 percent or more Hispanic.  You are used to mostly reading about these places in the crime pages.   

Pardon my language, but I call bullshit.  

The great stroke of good fortune is that three of these economic basket-case cities use the ES&S 200, and one uses Imagecast Precinct.  All ballot image machines. 

I would like to gather any help I can get in filing a suit to access the ballot images for these places.  This is what I did in 2016, but I got thrown out on procedural grounds, without prejudice.  I don’t intend to let that happen again.  I am looking for funds and lawyers.  

This time the thrust of the argument is to claim the right of verifying our elections, rather than trying to show there are any grounds for suspecting wrongdoing.  I would like to take head-on the argument that if you can’t show the results might have been different, you can’t view documents.  That is an absurdity which needs to be taken apart.  How can you get evidence that the result might have been different if you can’t view the evidence?   That is circular reasoning, like in Catch-22.   I would like to argue the public has an absolute right to the ballot images.


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