Get ready for a series of “defeats” for Bernie Sanders (yet again)

Aside from its first clause, with its brainless re-assertion of the “Russia-gate” hypothesis, this piece is wholly accurate, albeit understated; for we’re heading into yet another season of outrageously rigged “Democratic” primaries.

Having tried, with some success, to fiddle with the caucuses in Iowa and Nevada, the puppeteers behind the US voting system will variously rig the electronic count wherever that is possible—invisible manipulations that will build on the effect of having variously disenfranchised millions of Democratic voters coast to coast, as well as (would-be) voters who live abroad.

Whether states use paperless touch-screen machines (as some 30% still do), or count paper ballots with optical scanners, the vote this time around will be as unreliable as ever, as the purpose of the electronic process overall is to both to thwart the will of the electorate, and make that crime against democracy completely imperceptible, and very difficult, if not impossible, to prove.

(It should be obvious—but isn’t, to a lot of us—that this subversion of democracy is a bipartisan accomplishment, the electronic fraud committed mainly by Republicans, since that’s their specialty; although the outcome of “our” elections would appear to be a supra-partisan concern, the ultimate decision made at levels high above the entertaining show of party combat.)

Unless this season’s turnout is enormous (and even if it is), expect “setbacks” for Bernie Sanders in South Carolina tomorrow, then Texas and California (especially L.A. County) on Super Tuesday, Delaware on April 23, New York on April 28, and wherever else the vote is either paperless, or based on paper ballots “counted”
by inhuman means, controlled by private companies, whose numbers, however dubious, will go unquestioned by “our free press,” while those who do dig into them, and rightly question them, will be laughed off as “conspiracy theorists” and/or Russian trolls.

And so it will go on and on, until the rest of us demand a radical reform of our disgraceful voting system, or else until American democracy collapses so explosively that no one can deny it anymore.


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