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I know this is no time to ask for funds, with the economy in free-fall; but I am asking anyway, to keep News from Underground alive. So let me bring you up to date, to let you know of two things that have happened—two attacks—that have cost me quite a lot of money.

As you know, I have already been attacked, long since, by Lyme disease, which I’m still fighting, at great expense, what with the ongoing treatment for the Lyme itself (which I think I’m slowly beating), and the need to deal with many different specialists to treat the awesome variety of Lyme symptoms (which I won’t get into here). Going through this in the ever-spreading shadow of the coronavirus has been challenging, to say the least; but this new plague is another subject (which I strive to cover usefully through News from Underground).

On top of this, I was attacked, my identity stolen and my email hacked, by malevolent players working through the dark web—criminal activity resulting in spates of fraudulent charges on my credit cards, and that was then identified by Facebook security, after the creation of a Facebook account for a fake “Mark Crispin Miller.” All this has now stopped, as I am now protected (as is the NFU website) by end-to-end encryption, which I’ll have for good—and which has cost me a few thousand dollars.

And then, on top of that, I was “reported” by some colleagues here at NYU, for having—as you know—sent out and posted content critical of transgender ideology, and certain practices based on it. This resulted in a summons to a meeting with some personnel in NYU’s Office of Equal Opportunity, so I could explain my “statements about gender identity,” and answer questions vis-a-vis my online activity, and its relation, if any, to my teaching. Although I approached it with some trepidation, the meeting went quite well, as my questioners were cordial and astute, and listened carefully. At the end, they told me they would now determine whether my case called for a formal “investigation,” and that I would hear back from them in a week or so. The next day, however, they notified me that the case was closed.

This was a great relief, of course; but the whole episode had cost me, and not just in peace of mind, as I had to come up with $3,000 to retain a law firm to advise me (as several friends had strongly recommended). So that is my sad tale; but enough about me, because News from Underground is also heavily dependent on the skills and dedication of my excellent assistant, who’s also now in need, as the COVID-19 crisis has all but shut down her workplace. As she cannot work for free, and as NFUcan’t get along without her, I’m asking you to help keep both of us at work on this important service—one needed more than ever, as our “free speech” is ever more at risk.

Think of all the subjects that we’re not allowed to talk about, unless we parrot the official line. Stray from that, or question it, and you’re immediately branded with some epithet deployed to function like the scarlet letter, ora disgusting stink, to make others flee instead of listen to you. To broach the facts about the murders of JFK, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy (among many others), or about 9/11, or election theft, or US biowarfare, or the CIA’s innumerable high crimes, or any other such covert malevolence, is to be branded a “conspiracy theorist.” Point out the dangers of the CDC’s vaccine schedule, and/or of particular vaccines, and you’re an “anti-vaxxer,” putting kids at risk. Criticize Israel, or offer any honest history of Zionism, and you’re an “anti-Semite” (or “self-hating Jew”), putting every Jew at risk. Note the dangers of transgender ideology, for women’s sports and safe spaces, and/or for children’s health, and you’re”transphobic,” urging violence against transgender people. Question any aspect of the global warming narrative—its exclusive emphasis on CO2, its warning that apocalypse is here, its use of rather sketchy climate history—or note the lavish corporate funding of the “climate movement,”   and you’re a “climate change denialist” (second cousin to a Holocaustdenialist). And if you question “Russia-gate,” or note the vast corruption of the DNC, the Clintons, or the Bidens pére et fils, you are, of course, a “Trump supporter,” and, therefore, a Russian troll, putting all of us at risk.

Thus we’re all under pressure to clam up about the most important issues facing us. Meanwhile, “the liberal media” has turned into a single medium of thought control as flagrant as it is dishonest, with Fox News and the Wall Street Journal largely pumping out the usual baloney of the right; while Google/Twitter/YouTube have been diligently purging cyber-space of dissident material, doing incrementally and quietly what China does quite openly, so that the Internet now offers little in the way of an alternative to “all the news” we’re getting from the New York Times, which, most days, gives us only fluff and propaganda. 

This is why we need outlets like News from Underground, and why I hope you’ll help me keep it going, either with a one-time donation (however modest) or by signing on for an automatic monthly payment(which you can do at You can donate via PayPal, to; or, if you prefer to send a check, email me at that address so I can tell you how.

Let me sign off here, with my sincerest thanks to those of you who have been keeping us afloat for all these years, in hopes that this dark time will yield today, and that this war against the rest of us will end, if we pursue the truth, and tell it without fear. 


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