Doctors “expressly told” by their superiors NOT to talk about conditions in their hospitals

Why no press conferences with doctors telling of conditions in their hospitals? That would be an effective way of helping people see the need for caution, and the necessity of (temporary) lockdowns. 

The reason would appear to be that doctors and nurses have, according to Dr. Mandrola (below), “been expressly told [by hospital administrators not to speak publicly about conditions.” (See paragraph in red below.)

That those hospitals are dangerously short of PPE (personal protective equipment, to allow their personnel to treat COVID-19 patients without risk of infection) is a reality that, if publicized, would ruinously contradict the glossy image of consummate “care” expensively devised and circulated by the hospitals’ marketing consultants and ad agencies.   

It’s as if the crisis spreading through our hospitals were being managed by the mayor in Jaws.


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