Cuban medicine used in China to cure coronavirus

Today’s NYTimes features a front-page story on China’s (apparent) curtailment of the coronavirus epidemic, focusing only on the “blunt-force strategy” that has(allegedly) wreaked havoc on the Chinese people’s lives and livelihoods:
“China Appears to Corral Threat, at a Steep Cost”

As I noted yesterday, this Orwellian scenario, while no doubt accurate per se, leaves out whatever medical solutions China may also be using to “corral [the]threat” of the coronavirus. Assuming China’s figures are legit, could the state have slowed the epidemic only through aggressive quarantine? Big Brother isn’t also treating the disease successfully?

Yesterday I shared some evidence that China has found promise in the drugs remdesivir and chloroquine. Today I share a piece published a month ago, reporting that they’ve also (evidently) had success with Interferon alpha 2B (IFNrec)—supplied by Cuba.

Thus there are three reasons why this news was never noted anywhere by”our free press”: (1) It would have raised some doubts about the terroristic narrative that the coronavirus is unstoppable/incurable; (2) It would have complicated the Orwellian portrayal of China’s handling of the crisis; and(3) It would have meant acknowledging the skill and altruism of the Cuban medical community, which has an excellent reputation everywhere but here. (Bernie also could have praised that upside to the Cuban revolution, but it’s probably just as well he didn’t. ) 

In any case, we need to be as skeptical of what “our free press” claims about this crisis—and everything else—as thoughtful Chinese people are of what their media system tells them.


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