Covid-19 hits Iranian Vice President, kills former Iranian envoy to the Vatican

In today’s (paper) New York Times, there are thirteen articles on the coronavirus epidemic in the International section (and 20 in the paper overall)—with this story, on the outbreak in Iran, placed last, along the bottom of p. 12. (The other buried story—headlined, “Most Cases of the Illness Are Mild, a Study Finds”—is just above the story on Iran.)

While ZeroHedge rightly headlines the death of Hadi Khoroshahi, a prominent cleric and former envoy to the Vatican, the Times buries that datum in the 11thparagraph, thereby blurring the spectacular effect of Khoroshahi’s death byCovid-19. (“First Prominent Cleric in Iran Dies of Coronavirus,” runs the headline from Radio Farda, the Iranian branch of CIA-backed Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.) Rather than highlight the sense of crisis necessarily induced by those infections at the top, the Times, as usual, gives the news a Social Justice slant, with its headline, “Vice President of Iran and Highest-Ranking Woman in Government Falls Ill” (emphasis added).

In any case, does it not seem significant that this disease is surging so selectively, popping up especially in China and Iran? Since it is possible to fine-tune viruses so that they strike particular ethnic groups, we ought to note the possibility that this one was designed to sicken populations in the cross-hairs of the US war machine (although there are also several hundred cases, with 21 deaths, in northern Italy). Will Venezuelans, Nicaraguans—and Russians—start coming down with it?

Maybe, maybe not. Until we get some truth about the origins of this disease, we can’t say anything with certainty, but just pay close attention to what’s going on.  


Covid-19 Infects Iranian Vice President, Kills Iran Ambassador To Vatican

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