Carville said Nevada caucuses went “very well” for Putin, Chris Matthews likened Bernie’s win to the Nazi invasion of France; and other propaganda lunacy

Bernie’s national momentum has “our free press” and the “Democratic” Party(I’m hoping you don’t find those scare quotes tiresome, since they’re the only way to put the situation honestly) all but foaming at the mouth, in a collective fit of Russophobia that marks those “liberal” institutions as late crackpot offshoots of the anticommunist far-right c. 1952: e.g., J. Edgar Hoover, Joe McCarthy, Dick Nixon, and—irony of ironies—young Donnie Trump’s reptilian mentor, Roy Cohn. 

Thus, last night, we had James Carville yawping that the caucuses were”going very well” for Putin, and the CI—er, NYTimes’ David Sanger doing his stenographic best on the front-page “news analysis” for today’s paper, “Seeking Chaos, Moscow Places Its Bets in U.S.” (as the paper headlines it)—a solemn blast of utter fantasy, based wholly on the propaganda say-so of “intelligence officials” doing what they did back in the Sixties, when they claimed that the insurgent movements of that era were covertly managed by the Kremlin; although such imaginings back then were largely voiced behind closed doors, and jotted down in secret inter-office memos, whereas now we’re getting such crapola non-stop on MSNBC and in the Times. 

Also on MSNBC, “Hollerin’ Chris” Matthews took the lunacy still further, comparing Bernie’s triumph in Nevada to the Nazi invasion of France—a jab as tasteless as it was fantastic, what with Bernie’s shaping up to be America’s first Jewish president.

Which isn’t likely ever to occur, regardless of how many of us vote for him—since, to paraphrase Chuck Schumer, referring then to Trump’srude statements re: the CIA, “they have six ways from Sunday at getting [sic] back at you.” Although Bernie hasn’t ever dissed the Agency (and never would), he is now evidently doing what, say, Mohammed Mossadegh, Jacobo Arbenz, Salvador Allende, JoaoGoulart and Gough Whitlam (to name just a few) variously did in prior years: winning clear majorities for policies too far left for the operatives at Langley.

This is not to say that Bernie’s all that radical (he’s no Allende); but then neither was Bobby Kennedy, or Martin Luther King. Like those two, however, Bernie is committing the Unpardonable Sin of unifying Americans in favor of some changes that the Agency, and those mighty interests back of it, certainly don’t want. (He’s also pushing changes, like the “Green New Deal,” that they do want, but that, so far, is not enough to make them tolerate the thought of him as president.)

As ominous as all this sounds, I am not suggesting that they’d actually be so ham-fisted as to have some alt-right “lone gunman” whack Bernie outright, or even that he’d have a fatal “heart attack” sometime before Inauguration Day, or shortly after, leaving early like John Paul I. It is far likelier (as I have noted here before) that Bernie will—despite the pre-election polls, the exit polls, the odds in Vegas, and all the other data telling everyone that he is definitely going to win—end up “losing” the election in an(other) “upset victory” for Donald Trump, whereupon we’ll all be told ad nauseam that Bernie was just too “extreme” for the American majority. 

It is precisely to enable such a handy “explanation” of Bernie’s “loss” to Donald Trump that we’re now hearing this vituperative chorus from the likes of Sanger/Carville/Matthews, and will be hearing more and more this week from Buttigieg and other “Democrats” (as the attached tweet makes quite clear); and it also tells us that, this time, we (the People)—with, crucially, Sanders himself, too—must say NO to the coup, in the same overwhelming numbers as turned out yesterday, and with the necessary militance, and for as long as it may take to put things right.


p.s. Here’s a sharp analysis that Anand Giridharadas got away with on MSNBC:

Carville says that Nevada caucuses are ‘going very well’ for Putin

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Compared Bernie Sanders’ Nevada Performance To The Nazi Invasion Of France

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