Buttigieg entered the Navy as a lieutenant from Day One, with no training

Scott Ritter on this story:

Mayor Pete is an empty suit full of meaningless platitudes. But what else would you expect from someone who wrangled a direct commission, and then pushed for a cushy job in a war zone so he could add “combat veteran” to his political resumé? Everything about him screams “fake”.


Buttigieg entered the Navy as a Lieutenant from Day One with no training

How is that possible?

Entering the military as a Navy Lieutenant.

As a civilian.

Without training.

Source is Page One of Pete Buttigieg’s military records.

Linked here:

Who approved it?

General Joseph Dunford or Charlie Flynn?


Charlie is Mike Flynn’s brother.

Or it could have been someone else signing Pete’s “Letter of Authorization”.

It is also called LOA.

Click on the link for the rest.

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