Blue Cross says Alzheimer’s has tripled among adults aged 30 to 64. (Dare we ask WHY?)

Blue Cross tells us that it’s happening, and notes that it’s “concerning,” but they don’t tell us why it’s happening, or even think to ask, nor does the Forbes reporter. “Further education and research is needed to learn more about early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s, how to treat these conditions and what can be done to better prevent diagnoses,” says Dr. Vincent Nelson, Blue Cross’s vice president for medical affairs.

By “prevent further diagnoses,” Dr. Nelson surely means “arrest, or reverse, this spread of early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s.” And “what can be done”—and must be done—to make that happen is, first, to learn what’s causing this mass cognitive decline.

Among the likeliest of causes there is one that is least likely to “concern” Blue Cross, or Forbes, or any other outlet, corporate or left/liberal, because that very likely cause has long been laughed off as “conspiracy theory,” or denounced as “misinformation.” Before I name it, let me note that we indulge in such knee-jerk dismissal at our peril, when the historical and scientific facts confirm the danger—facts that “our free press,” beholden, as it is, to mighty advertisers like Big Pharma and the cell phone trust, blackout as a matter of course: facts about (say) vaccines, 5G, cell phone radiation and fluoride, just to name a few. (Gen. Jack D. Ripper’s loony riff on fluoride in Dr. Strangelove turns out to be his only lucid moment.)

And then there is the clear and present danger posed by geo-engineering—especially chemtrails, which we’ve all been conditioned to dismiss as fantasy, like UFO’s, although their daily presence in our skies, from coast to coast, is undeniable, as Look Up, a powerful 27-minute video (link just below) makes clear. The aluminum particles, and other toxins, dispersed abundantly by all those jets for many years have long since been inhaled by all of us, and may be why many younger minds are, weirdly, turning (what we once called) senile.

It must be stopped; but we can’t stop it if we tell ourselves it isn’t happening.
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