Bill Gates is good friends with Xi Jinping. Why? (2)

From Darwin K. Hoop:

“Are you a coincidence theorist?

One month after sponsoring Event 201 [the pandemic “simulation” mounted by the Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum last November], Gates met with the wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Goodwill Ambassador of the WHO, a big pharma consortium that caters to the whims of influential shareholders while masquerading as public health organization. Event 201 was a simulated coronavirus pandemic event that was remarkably similar to the coronavirus crisis centered in Wuhan China.

Many have pointed out that Gates appears to be working to achieve “poverty reduction” via the deployment of toxic vaccines and GMO’s that effectively sterilize and extirpate the poor. Gates has no patience with the idea that a more humane way to manage poverty would be to proscribe the gluttony of decadent plutocrats who possess millions of times what they would ever need to thrive in life and leave ecological footprints hundreds of millions of times the size of the people they condemn to their eugenic population management efforts.”

The foundation is willing to further intensify its cooperation with China in the areas of healthcare, poverty reduction and public welfare, and make concerted efforts with China to help other developing countries promote agricultural and healthcare development,” Gates said.”
“We hope the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation can continue to support and participate in this field,” she said.

China stands ready to continue to work with the foundation in prevention and control of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, and summarize and expand experience in this regard, so as to help developing countries, including those in Africa, improve their medical and healthcare levels, Peng said.

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