At Penn, Prof. Warren was a “right-wing Reaganite”—and “ruthless nihilist”—who donned “progressive” drag to join the faculty at Harvard Law

In a piece just out today—Super Tuesday—Caitlin Johnstone quotes independent journalistRuth Ann Oskolkoff’s report to the effect that Democratic Party insiders have been planning to install Joe Biden as the party’s nominee—with Elizabeth Warren as his running mate, so as to give the ticket the requisite aroma of “progressivism” and “diversity.” This scheme will be effected by depicting Bernie Sanders as a Russian agent, along with such deplorables as Donald Trump, Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard and whoever else may threaten, or be said to threaten, to upset the neoliberal apple-cart. (See Johnstone’s piece below.)

Since that scenario is all too plausible, and Warren may indeed end up “a heartbeat away” from the Oval Office (where Biden could drop dead from pedophiliac overstimulation), we really need to take a closer look at her, which “our free press” has not provided, sticking to the script the she wrote for herself, portraying her not only as a Cherokee, but—even more absurd—as a progressive.

For a good example of how closely “our free press” sticks to that fantasy, check out this nitwit analysis in today’s New York Times, on how Warren has, unfortunately, failed to sell the voters on her “story” as an erstwhile Oklahoma have-not who made good through sheer hard work, etc.—an up-from-nothing narrative that totally erases Warren’s actual history asa hard-right academic in the mold of, say, Ayn Rand. (The Times article is here:

For a clear sense of who Liz Warren really was back then, before she redesigned herself for Harvard Law, check out this blunt reminiscence by Drucilla Cornell, a feminist legal scholar who saw Warren in action as a colleague on the faculty at Penn:

Whether we can stop this “Democratic” juggernaut remains to be seen; but there’s no hope of doing so if most of us don’t know—can’t know—who Warren really is; so please do check this out, and send it far and wide.


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