AOC will not back Bernie, since “anti-trans” Joe Rogan has endorsed him

This from the “radical” who just voted for the bill targeting Nicaragua for regime change,
and who supports the junta in Bolivia. Her refusal to back Bernie over his endorsement by Joe Rogan—because Rogan thinks that girls’ and women’s sports should not be open to biological males—is no less regressive than her stands on Latin America, as it (a)will make it easier for Joe Biden to “win” the nomination, (b) provide a handy “explanation” for that “victory,” (c) advances the misogynistic program of the transgender “movement,” and (b) represents a blow against free speech. 

In short, AOC is a first-class phony—and dangerous, because she’s so appealing: a potential Trump(ette) playing tunes that mesmerize “the left” (and that promote the “Green New Deal,” which is a corporate scam).  


p.s. AOC’s break with Bernie has been gleefully reported by the National Review, the New York Post, and other rightist outlets. If it’s been overblown for propaganda purposes, AOC had better set the record straight ASAP; and if she does, I will take note of it.

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