AOC says she’ll support Joe Biden, if he “wins” the nomination

“Call me a radical,” AOC told Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes—regarding her position on the “Green New Deal.”

So now this “radical” lets everybody know that she’ll support Joe Biden, if he”wins” the nomination, though of course she’d rather Bernie get it. 

Thus the “radical” Ocasio-Cortez signals that she’ll be a loyal Democratic Partyanimal, and support Joe Biden, who’s just about as “radical” as Donald Trump—a statement that, to say the least, is premature, what with the primaries ongoing, and Bernie still in play (although the writing’s on the wall, that he is not the man). When TMZ put the question to her, why didn’t she just say “No comment,” or”We’ll see,” or “I would have think about it”? Why did this “radical” thus tacitly urge Bernie’s young supporters to consider switching to The Groper, with his disgraceful record (and degenerating mind)?

That she’s no radical AOC proved already by voting for Trump’s war budget; standing with the junta in Bolivia (while refusing even to discuss it with constituents outraged by Morales’ ouster)—and pushing for the “Green New Deal,” which is a mammoth scam backed quietly by high financial interests, including the world’s worst polluters. (That Bernie too supports it is bad news, though that’s a subject for another time.)

AOC is clearly an intelligent and charismatic politician, with great appeal to liberals and progressives, especially among the young—all the more reason to scrutinize her record very carefully, and ask exactly how, and why, she came to be so prominent a “radical” in the pro wrestling ring of US “politics.”


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