What this planet needs is NOT a “green new deal,” but NO “deal,” of any kind, for nature.

We must FIGHT any “green new deal” that means monetizing nature,and letting the elites control it, and the rest of us. In short, those who really want to save the planet have to recognize that”deals” of any kind are not the way to do it—on the contrary—and thatthey have to take this stand: “NO deal for nature” (


From Cory Morningstar:

After two months of hard work, we are proud to announce our new campaign and website to oppose the financialization of nature (as well as “social and human capital”).

No foundation funding. No advertising. No Vogue layouts. A grassroots volunteer effort – asking for nothing except your resistance.

No Deal For Nature

The financialization of nature (monetization of nature) is to be agreed upon this year (The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 15-28 October 2020). This is the corporate capture of the commons, global in scale. This represents the greatest transformation of the financial economic system in modern day history. Those with money will own nature.

The capture of nature is moving forward under the guise of the “New Deal For Nature” term/campaign led by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and WWF. The key players include the United Nations (WEF partner as of June 13, 2019), the Natural Capital Coalition, Conservation International, Business for Nature, IUCN, WBCSD, Al Gore, etc.

Founding partners of Business for Nature include the World Economic Forum, The Natural Capital Coalition, WWF, We Mean Business, WBCSD, The Food and Land Use Coalition, Tropical Forest Alliance, The Nature Conservancy, International Chamber of Commerce, World Resources Institute, Confederation of Indian Industry, and Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE).

Growing list of Business for Nature partners:

The “Super Year” campaign has been designed to establish the social license required of the citizenry. They want you to not only accept, but even demand, A New Deal For Nature. All roads, all campaigns that have saturated the media since the fall of 2018, have strategically led to this grotesque intent.

The sister campaign of New Deal For Nature is Voice For The Planet (WEF & WWF) promoted by Attenborough, Goodall & Thunberg.

Much gratitude to many – especially Forrest Palmer who worked on the website over the last month – after his long hours at his wage slave (which he aptly calls it).

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