What the numbers from one Iowa county tell us (and it isn’t good)

Where is the total count of Iowa’s caucus votes? And why is “our free press” not pushing for it? (Those are rhetorical questions.)

That Bernie’s victory has been deliberately obscured is clear enough in the results from Black Hawk County, where he unquestionably won—but where his victory margin seems to have been whittled down by the Iowa Democratic Party. 

Attached are a statement, and count, from Chris Schwartz, Black HawkCounty Supervisor, and the state’s very different count.

These items have been posted on Facebook, and were sent to me by my friends Steve Jimenez and Ian Berman. That we must scramble out here on the margins, searching for the true count from those caucuses, while”our free press” pumps out its usual cascades of “fake news” (a/k/a”propaganda”), on this and every other subject, is yet another sign that, in fact, We the People are in graver danger than we’ve ever seen.


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