Two biologists affirm that there are just TWO sexes, male and female, and no sex “spectrum”

It tells us something troubling about “progressive” ideology in A.D. 2020 that this elementary scientific fact should have to be spelled out by two biologists, and that only a rightist outlet like the Wall Street Journal would provide them with a forum. The claim that “there is no such thing as biological sex” is a “fact” as groundless as, say, Lysenkoism under Stalin, the Nazi rejection of “Jewish physics,” or the Christianist idea that the universe is 6,000 years old. 

If you want to see someone ferociously espouse the nonsense that I quoted just above, check out this video of a Canadian panel discussion featuring Jordan Peterson, whose notorious objection to forcible pronoun use (as tacitly dictated by Bill C-16, passed in 2017) was challenged by two “woke” types and a Canadian bureaucrat, and (notably) supported by Theryn Meyer, a young trans woman who quite rightly called the former’s arguments “ridiculous.” 

Petersen’s most zealous critic on the panel was one Nicholas Matte, “a politically-conscious interdisciplinary historian” at the University of Toronto. Matte not only asserted that “there is no such thing as biological sex” (without explaining how, then, he himself had come to be), but, several times, charged Petersen with “abusing” students at UT, where Peterson is also a professor. I

t’s quite a show (and very capably m.c.’d by Steve Paikin, whose like we rarely see on US television):

This recent Journal op-ed is but one sign of a growing pushback against transgender ideology, which is not only wreaking medical and social havoc of all kinds (and therefore rousing robust opposition from feminists, female athletes, gay rights advocates and physicians, among others), but could well serve Trump’s “re-election,” either as one “explanation” of a second stolen”victory,” or as a factor in his actual election, if the DNC should rob Bernie yet again (as now seems likely). 

It’s therefore way past time for a reality on check on this explosive issue.


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