Trumpkins flooded Iowa caucus hotline (Deja vu from New Hampshire, 2002) (2)

For all their loud pro-wrestling roars at one another (e.g., Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump’sSOTU text), the “two parties” are, as Upton Sinclair put it, “two wings on a single bird of prey.” Among their many points of deep agreement is a real animus against Bernie Sanders, whose last presidential bid they probably both worked to sink, although the DNC takes all the blame—which isn’t fair, because the electronic fraud throughout the Democratic primaries was just the sort of thing at which the GOP excels (they largely own and run the voting infrastructure nationwide), whereas the Dems went in for many different, and much cruder, dirty tricks of many kinds. (For an excellent summary of the tactics used to make sure Hillary “won” the nomination, see “Democracy Lost” from Election Justice USA, at

Now we learn that Trumpkins flooded the Iowa caucus hotline, adding to the “chaos” caused by the notorious Shadow app—an operation that recalls what GOP operative Allen Raymond organized in New Hampshire back in 2002, and for which he was convicted and did time. (He wrote a mildly interesting—and mis-titled—book called How to Rig an Election, which only gets into the least of it.) Below you’ll find a link to his take on the Iowa “snafu,” as he expressed it in an interview with Brad Friedman.


Trump Fans Flooded Iowa Caucus Hotline, Democrats Say

GOP’s Convicted 2002 NH Phone-Jammer Rings In on 2020’s IA Caucus Phone-Jamming Scheme: ‘BradCast’ 2/7/2020

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