The only difference between Trump and Bloomberg is that “Mike” is a real billionaire AND psychopath (6)

About an hour ago, I got a Facebook post from “Mike” Bloomberg, attacking Trump for making”billions disappear,” while he himself “made billions.” The post already had dozens of euphoric comments, from Democrats beside themselves with eagerness to vote for him; so I posted a comment of my own

“How many of the gushing comments posted here were written by real people?”

(As noted in a piece I sent out a few days ago, “Mike” is spending millions on all sorts of cyber-trickery to make himself look marvelous:

(He’s spent over $400 million on “advertising,” which probably includes his every stratagem:

Instantly “Mike” messaged me with “thanks for engaging.” “Up for answering a few quick questions to help Mike’s campaign?” “he” asked (referring to himself, ominously, in the third person).

I don’t know what’s scarier: that he has the resources to fake a large and jubilant following (with Facebook obviously in his pocket, as my post about his ruse appears to have been killed), or that any actual Democrats have fallen for him. But even scarier is the ease with which election scan be stolen in this country—and the refusal of “our free press” (left, right and center) to discuss it. 

Below are some more pieces shedding light on who “Mike” really is: a “Democrat” that Ayn Rand would really love; and here’s a trenchant piece on the Trump/Bloomberg smackdown:


A compendium of Bloomberg’s bits of nasty “wit and wisdom,” reported in the Washington Post (suggesting maybe that Jeff Bezos doesn’t go for him):

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