The flagrant COUP in Iowa—and how “our free press” has been spinning it—makes clear that Pete Buttigieg is the CIA’s choice for president (3)

A somewhat useful summary on the Shadow app, albeit one that sticks to what “our free press”has reported on it, and the “snafu” that it caused in Iowa:

Lee Camp’s great riff on how what happened there was no “snafu” or “glitch,” but a deliberate means of stopping Bernie and replacing him with Pete Buttigieg, “the Juan Guaido of America”:

And how could this be happening? How could the Iowa caucuses get wiped out right before our eyes, its actual winner deemed the loser to a candidate who obviously lost, and “our free press” go along with it, suppressing all the evidence that this is what went down?

It’s happening because “Mayor Pete” is not the people’s choice, but the CIA’s choice for president, just as Obama was (and arguably Clinton, too, and George H.W. Bush before him). With his Social Justice profile as “our first gay president,” this spook could serve our overlords just as Obama did, his race and pseudo-liberal rhetoric enabling him to keep the war machine at work throughout the world, bail out the banks, trash civil liberties, and otherwise maintain the elites’ long preventive war against American democracy.

(I take no pleasure in reminding you that I predicted this back when Joe Biden was portrayed as the front runner, though he wasn’t, and “our free press” kept juxtaposing his old-white-man image with the Social Justice specters of such “challengers” as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker—and Pete Buttigieg, whose “victory” in Iowa is now being forced on us through electronic means, and censorship of all contrary evidence.)


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