The “2020 Super Year” is a faux-green financial scheme to turn all Mother Nature into money

From Cory Morningstar (on Facebook earlier today):

Announcement. Jan 23, 2020, Davos: “The Natural Capital Coalition and the Social and Human Capital Coalition Unite as the Capitals Coalition”

Very. Important. Post.

As I have often written, the behavioral change projects designed to obtain the required social license to come to fruition are often years and even decades in the making.

“Super Year,” a campaign to introduce the financialization/monetization of nature, is no different.

Two more key campaigns have commenced to advance the financialization of nature by way of building societal acceptance, support and even desire. They are:

1. 2020 Super Year []
2. Countdown []

This post will deconstruct 2020 Super Year. A separate post will deconstruct Countdown. These add to 3 key campaigns. 1) Global Green New Deal, 2) New Deal For Nature & 3) Voice For The Planet (the sister campaign for New Deal For Nature).

The 2020 Super Year campaign is being managed by Friends of the Earth in partnership with WWF (the World Wildlife Fund), but also included at the helm of its development is the Natural Capital Institute. Mark Gough, CEO of the Natural Capital Coalition, introduced the concept to an audience on June 17, 2019. This is the financialization of nature.

In case you missed it, the Natural Capital Coalition (NatCap) is comprised of the largest multinational corporations on the planet. The UN TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems & Biodiversity (2007) was absorbed by NatCap in 2014. NatCap is in bed with IPBES (The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) founded by the UN, which is now partnered with the World Economic Forum.

On the Nov 22 2019 Natural Capital Coalition Super Year tweet, note that The UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre highlights an opening for an events officer for events taking place under the Super Year Banner – as well as a Programme Officer.

Also note the much hyped “nature based solutions” are utilized in the Super Year marketing campaign for buy-in. Tagged in this tweet are your key players & advocates IPBES, Team4Nature, the European Commission, Tim Christophersen (UN REDD), WWF, Mark Tercek (former CEO of The Nature Conservancy), etc. Today, the former head of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative, Pavan Sukhdev is President of *WWF. Atrocities committed under WWF “conservation” have been documented for decades. [Recent: Mar 4 2019: “WWF Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People”]

The recent January 2020 tweet leads to the depraved & vile monetization of “social capital” as discussed in Volume I, Act VI of The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg For Consent series which was unveiled at the World Economic Forum:

“The Natural Capital Coalition and the Social and Human Capital Coalition Unite as the Capitals Coalition”

The Capitals Coalition (the Coalition) is a global collaboration intends to transform the global economic financial system by placing a monetary value on the “services” provided by nature, people and society.

Who retweeted the announcement? Take a look. Learn the names/institutions that intend to assign a price to “value that flows from nature, society and people”

The non-profit industrial complex functions like an army. One of the largest armies on Earth. Engineered consent is obtained by creating a manufactured zeitgeist – a mass saturation of key messages, language, framing waged on the citizenry. Conformity is used as a powerful weapon against us.

In this way, the New Deal For Nature – that is the monetization of nature, human & social capital, for corporate control, capture & profit, will be made palatable for public consumption via NGO (& media) messaging. At the helm of rolling out the Super Year campaign to the public, we have “**Friends of the Earth” in partnership with ***WWF.

AND YET -in the same way, we, the working class and peasantry (our blood brothers and sisters) – are also an army. The largest on Earth! We too are capable of building DISSENT against this further oppression using the same tools: mass saturation of key messages. And we have something powerful that they do not – we have truth and justice on our side.

Resistance to the commodification of nature, human & social ” capital” is going to take all of us! A handful of people is not going to stop a damn thing.

Follow @NoDealForNature

Knowledge is a weapon. Arm yourself. Help arm others.

NO to the corporate coup of nature.

[*WWF was founded in 1961 by “Prince” Bernhard, “Prince” Philip, Godfrey Rockefeller, etc. In 2005 “Prince” Charles founded The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group which became a co-founder of We Mean Business launched in 2014. It has since re-branded to CLG Europe. We Mean Business was created with the assistance of Purpose (public relations arm of Avaaz) and Greenpeace. We Mean Business is a key architect behind the Thunberg PR campaign.]

[From 2007 to 2010, CEO of Friends of the Earth, Craig Bennett, served as Director of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (CLG).]

[**Created Nov 2017, the 2020 Super Year Twitter account – “We’re working to secure an ambitious New Deal For Nature & People in the year 2020” – was created, is managed, by Bernadette Fischler Hooper who works at WWF-UK as Head of Advocacy – Our Planet / 2020 Project.]


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Thank you for these posts! I know of Cory’s work & others; regular listener to Bret Weinstein/Heather Heying, who alerted us to your “cancellation”. This is really vast & troubling. Hope you find help for your health concerns!

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