That Russian “doping scandal” is just more war propaganda

From Michael Averko:

US Anti-Doping Chief Urges Congress to Tackle Russian Doping: “We Want It Real, Not Rigged”

Thus Travis Tygart, US anti-doping chief, continues to exhibit a warped sense of fairness. In fact, when it comes to doping infractions, WADA ranks Russia fifth behind (among others) the US:

Travis Tygart hasn’t withdrawn his bigoted collective-guilt approach to having all Russian athletes banned from the Olympics. He seems perfectly okay with (a) non-Russian drug cheats being allowed to compete under their respective national flags after serving a penalty; and (b) a striking laxness vis-a-vis the inconsistent worldwide drug testing patterns, which raises the  question as to whether some, or many, of those non-Russian athletes are actually clean.

Here’s a bit of stark disinformation in the above-linked WaPo article:

After Russia’s latest round of infractions, which included manipulating data from its Moscow laboratory, WADA’s executive committee in December handed down its stiffest punishment to date: a four-year ban that would bar Russia from competing at the next two Olympic Games. The punishment would still allow some Russian athletes to compete without a formal country affiliation.”

Russia denies the claim, in conjunction with offering an explanation for the issue in question. Overall, Western mass media and Western influenced mass media have been abysmal in covering this subject. These and other articles erroneously suggest that only one side on the Russian doping issue has requested an open CAS hearing. See:

n point of fact, RUSADA had earlier called for a fair and open CAS hearing. One of the few Western sources noting this point:
Olympic sports are ethically better off without the likes of Tygart, Sebastian Coe and Dick Pound.


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