Starbucks promotes transgenderism, joining Coca-Cola. (Why?)

This new Starbucks ad recalls Sprite’s weird ad pitching not the soda, but a mother breast-binding her daughter, as PJ Media reported here:

Such corporate propaganda should (but won’t) make clear to conservatives that transgender ideology, and the highly profitable medical industry based on it, are not driven by “the left,” but by far higher interests. If Coca-Cola, a leading corporate felon, is a “left” operation, and if the billionaires financing the trans movement—among them Warren Buffett, George Soros and Jon Stryker—are “leftists,” then “left” means nothing but “what conservatives don’t like.” It certainly bears no relation to class or economics, the critical analysis of capitalism, or anything else “the left” once stood for, and hasn’t for a good long time (specifically, since the CIA depoliticized and fragmented it starting in the Sixties, through the old imperial strategy of divide-and-conquer as manifest in identity politics). 

On the elite funding of transgenderism, here are two excellent pieces by Jennifer Blilek—an environmental activist who has long “identified as”a leftist, but whose work on this subject no “left” outlet will accept, and so it turns up in conservative journals like First Things and The Federalist, whose editors will tolerate her anti-plutocratic take for their own reasons:

In any case, anyone with half a brain should see that Starbucks and Coca-Cola are interested in profits overall, and, to that end, global dominance—and not “inclusion” or “diversity.” Their propaganda for transgenderism therefore must be driven by (a) financial interests in the medical-industrial complex, since “transgender medicine” is worth billions; and, very likely, (b) a eugenics program of discouraging procreation among young have-nots, since one way to cut the risk of mass rebellion, at a time of ever-worsening income inequality, is to shrink the population and get young people focused not on having children of their own someday—because people will do anything for their own kids, including fight the powers that threaten them. (On this there is far more to say.)


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