On how this next election could go VERY wrong

With the same disgraceful voting system still in place, Trump riding higher than ever (thanks to the Democrats), and Bernie surging everywhere, imagine this scenario:

Bernie IS allowed to win the Democratic nomination, this time around, runs against Trump—and “loses.”

“Our free press” will then pound home the propaganda meme that Bernie was just “too extreme” for the majority. As usual, the overwhelming evidence of yet another theft for the Republicans will be blacked out and/or laughed off, albeit not without the usual fantastic claims that Putin did it.

Thus Trump and the “Resistance” will maintain their twisted codependency for four more years, with (a) any even faintly radical ideas for change now marked as fatally unpopular, (b) Russia targeted for even more ferocious hatred and reprisals (mainly) by the Democrats (today’s war party), and (c) NO thought as to whether maybe we should start to think about reforming, at long last, our absolutely rotten voting system—the worst in the developed world—so that the longtime Phony War between the parties can keep raging, until America’s have-nots at last snap out of their collective trance, get over their (state-engineered) divisions, and then JOIN HANDS to smash the Oligarchy that’s now killing us by keeping us at one another’s throats.


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