NEW LOCATION for tomorrow’s STOP 5G event in NYC!

STOP 5G IN SPACE AND ON EARTHThe FCC recently granted permits to 8 companies, including Amazon, Facebook and Space X, to launch more than 50,000 5G satellites into space. If activated, these satellites would blanket the entire planet with harmful pulsed, data-modulated microwave radiation. The constant exposure to this radiation could drastically alter the Earth’s natural magnetic Schumann resonances upon which all life depends. Thousands of 5G satellites requiring massive amounts of rocket fuel would further disrupt our climate, and generate tons of space debris. Add to this the deployment of millions of terrestrial close-proximity antennas, in other words two or more per city block, and we could be threatening irreparable harm to the earth’s biosphere. We must not allow this to happen. It’s time for us to stop 5G on Earth and in space. We must demand safe technology! Let us envision living in a world in peace and harmony with nature.
Here in NYC we will rally on January 25th at 2:30 pm. Due to heavy rain, we will be at 28 East 35th Street. This is next to Community Church, between Park and Madison Avenues. Look for the red door.
Speakers include Mark Crispin Miller, Doug & Patti Wood, Camilla Rees, Les Jamieson, and more. Plus you’ll hear live music from the Resistance Company. Also, this event begins AFTER the No War With Iran action that day.

NOTE: You can be part of a campaign to stop 5G in NYC, or wherever you reside. The time commitment is minimal. Please reply with an email with “Cease & Desist Campaign” in the subject line for more. 
If this topic is new to you, its time to get informed because the telecoms and their proponents are pushing full steam ahead to saturate the planet with harmful pulsed microwave radiation. Watch this 28 minute video by James Corbett:

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Well over 200 events have already been planned. Countries (and territories) thus far with one or
more Protest Day events scheduled are:
Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. 
The full list of events can be found here with more being added daily! 

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Stop 5G International ANDNYC 5G Wakeup

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