More about the (Clinton/Obama) “Shadow” cast on Iowa’s caucuses

From Kevin Zeese:
There is still a lot to uncover about the caucus catastrophe last night in Iowa, but there are disturbing signs of Buttigieg, Clinton and Obama campaigns being tied to the corporations involved in the failed app. This combined with Buttigieg’s complaints that stopped the reporting on the very reliable night-before-the-caucus poll and his bizarre victory speech is starting to create a narrative of corruption and theft from Bernie Sanders. It is going to be interesting to watch this develop and the Democrats squirm. At this point, it could be either corruption or just incompetence of the Iowa Democratic Party. More information will be needed. Here’s a start:
A comment on my FB page has a lot of links:

Here is more info Kevin – I do not know the source person, Jared Glass, but there are links supporting his commentary:

Get this though!
The app which malfunctioned and has caused this whole “everyone wins Iowa” situation was developed by a firm called Shadow, and if you think that sounds shady, just wait! Shadow is a branch of ACRONYM, which is “a Democratic digital nonprofit group that has rapidly expanded in recent years.” It’s full of Obama and Clinton folks.
Hufflepuff Link…/iowa-caucus-app-shadow_n...

Here’s where it gets interesting: Greta Carnes is Acronym’s senior organizing director and also happens to be the national organizing director for the Pete Buttigieg campaign. Tara McGowen, ACRONYM’s founder and CEO, worked on the Obama 12 campaign, and then on a SuperPAC for our good buddy Tom Steyer. Hi, Bernie!
Sludge Link…/whos-behind-dems-new-75…/

But wait there’s more, ACRONYM’s largest individual donor is a guy named Seth Klarman. He was a big Republican donor up until after Trump was elected. At which point he started supporting Democrats. He has given specifically to Pete B and Amy K.
Sludge Link 2…/hedge-fund-billionaires-power…/

Finally, because yes there’s more. Pete’s campaign has given Shadow $42,500 for “Software Rights and Subscriptions” in July of last year. I do not know what that means or what services/products Shadow offers, but I do know that consulting and text messages are itemized differently and Gillibrand and Biden appear on the FEC as well for those services, respectively.
Twitter Link, Direct link to the FEC page in thread

And it’s well known by know that a call from Pete’s campaign resulted in the Des Moines Register poll getting canceled.
I don’t know if the establishment and billionaire class are actively working to suppress Bernie’s chances. I don’t know enough about Sludge and it’s a newer site started by ex-twitter people (gross) so who knows. It’s even completely normal to spend money with political groups through campaign, Pete’s business with them was probably legitimate.
But after 4 years of Trump, I’ve got a general rule. If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, and it walks like a duck….


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