Joe Rogan seems to be a better feminist than most “woke” leftists

Priya Reddy’s comment (below) is a long one, but well worth reading.
(It’s on Facebook.) It tells us something that, as Priya notes, the Times
blacked out the shocking fact that MMA fighter Fallon Fox, a trans
woman (and former Marine), did not just beat Tamika Brents, his female
opponent, but fractured her skull.


The NYTimes’ attack on Rogan for his “bigotry” (which is also an attack on—who else?—Bernie Sanders):

Rogan’s riff on the grotesque unfairness of:


By Priya Reddy

One more reason the NYT has so little credibility & is only useful for picking up dog shit is this NYT hit piece on Rogan, where this NYT reporter quotes Rogan’s comments about a transgender identified MMA fighter named Fallon Fox, a former Marine, who was allowed to compete against a female MMA fighter named Tamika Brents.

As a result, Fox badly injured Brents and fractured her skull. Yet this NYT reporter or perhaps his editor decided they would leave out crucial information about Brent’s potentially lethal injury. That’s considered lying by omission.

While the NYT didn’t consider Brent’s skull fracture as newsworthy and “fit to print” this particular injury was the reason that Joe Rogan, a former professional athlete, was concerned about the implications of transgender identified males in female sports.

Reporting Brent’s injury honestly might undermine the NYT’s pro gender identity ideology narratives which they have promoted relentlessly. To admit that there are harmful and even violent consequences in the real world could undermine their self appointed role as the propaganda wing of the transgender lobby. To his credit, at least Rogan actually questions these risky new policies in sports which have traditionally been segregated by biological sex to prevent exactly this sort of harm.

Therefore arguably, Rogan is actually doing more responsible and ethical journalism than the NYT!

The deliberate omission by the NYT article about Brent’s fractured skull, is a perfect example of the profound misogyny on the Left/Liberal end of the political spectrum and in the corporate media as they cover up the grotesque violence against women they themselves have enabled and are responsible for by legitimizing gender ideology while deliberately excluding any critical perspectives and concerns about its many serious impacts.

This is a despicable and disgraceful failure of journalistic ethics or malfeasance.

Rogan’s far Left critics are too self righteous to appreciate the stunning hypocrisy of judging him even as they themselves sink to new depths by effectively endorsing male violence against women.

I wonder how those clamoring to end sex segregated sports would feel if their skulls were fractured? The “woke” brigade did not feel Brents’ pain nor do they care as women are expected to pay any price under the pretext of “inclusion”. In an interview years later, Fox shrugged off the injury he inflicted on Brents as “all part of the sport”.

Really? Is it? Perhaps the reason Rogan addressed these issues is because it’s not considered good sportsmanship for a male to beat a woman so badly that he almost kills her.

Ironically the very media attacking Rogan refuses to report on or discuss these issues and policies except when they celebrate the destruction of women’s sports as “a civil rights” breakthrough which is exactly what Joe Biden as he sanctimoniously joined in the attacks against Rogan.

This is not a “civil rights movement” but an unprecedented assault happening in plain sight… on the hard won human rights for the female sex.

No one with intact frontal lobes believes that a corrupt and demented pro war political opportunist like Joe Biden who enabled the invasion of Iraq suddenly cares about transgender rights. Like the rest of his virtue signaling Party, he is just saying what he thinks voters want to hear.

The NYT is the same corrupt media institution that helped justify the US invasion of Iraq by legitimating Bush’s claims about WMDs. A million and half deaths later…. they’re still colluding with evil doers. It’s not like a new thing for some these morally degenerate hypocrites.

(Excerpt from NYT)

Rogan “has come under scrutiny for comments and jokes he has reportedly made about M.M.A. fighters and about male and female bodies that some say are harmful to transgender people; he has also ridiculed gender-neutral pronouns.

“One thing we can do is keep women from getting beaten up by men — and men who transition to being women,” he said in 2018 when discussing a transgender M.M.A. fighter. “If you think that’s fair,” he added, using an expletive, “you’re crazy.”…/bernie-sanders-endorsement-joe-ro…#

Rogan’s comment clearly expresses his alarm and concern. How else was he expected to react? By cheering on male violence against women like the rest of the “woke” Left & MSM?!

Rogan’s comment is evidence of a rational thought process, a conscience and his sense of fairness as an athlete. He’s also the father of little girls and is likely to be disturbed that this level of male aggression against women is being normalized and even applauded by the allegedly “progressive” Left – where a rational thought process isn’t particularly in vogue.

Rogan may not understand post modern queer theory and it’s mutant spawn, gender identity ideology, but he clearly understands that it’s wrong to allow a male to violently assault a female under any pretext.

Rogan is being punished for not playing along and refusing to pretend that Fallon Fox is a woman. Is this non compliance evidence of “transphobia” or does it reveal moral courage, independent and principled thinking?

If there’s an ethical failure in this spectacle is it Joe Rogan’s unwillingness to censor himself? Or does the failure of ethics lie with contemporary political culture and a passive lackey media that DOES NOT VIEW MALE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AS WRONG, and refuse to even acknowledge it?!

The MSM decided that any complex issues pertaining to gender identity would be avoided at all costs. How best to achieve this? They made Rogan the topic instead. To deflect from their own sociopathic sadistic and morally indefensible position.

His crime? That he dared to acknowledge biological reality and criticize the gender identity orthodoxy.

In this brief video, Rogan emphatically and correctly states that in the push for “diversity” and “inclusivity” it will be the female sex that loses the most and will be most disadvantaged and forced to make the biggest sacrifices under the banner of “gender identity.” Sadly, his predictions have been proven accurate since.

Joe Rogan: MTF Trans Athletes Screw Over Women

Rogan has expressed far more concern for women’s safety and human rights than many Liberal women’s organizations and Leftist “feminists” who seem overly eager to surrender their rights, as well as betray the female sex class as a whole. Shocking as it may seem, Joe Rogan is arguably a bigger feminist than his hypocritical oblivious and indoctrinated critics!

From an ethical, scientific and objective perspective, Rogan has done a great public service and represents the basic values millions recognize as fair, respectful and rational or basic common sense.

The MSM on the other hand is unabashedly a platform for gender identity propaganda which they have embraced uncritically. Their role is to legitimate and normalize gender ideology even when it enables potentially deadly violence against women.

The MSM failed to address Brent’s skull fracture other than to double down and frame the assault as “a civil rights breakthrough”.

Their hypocrisy, audacity and arrogance is beyond anything Josef Goebbels could have imagined.

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