Shut up, women, and just let your trans “sisters” do the talking!

There’s no “transgender debate” because it’s not allowed, as anyone who raises any questions for debate gets shut down as “transphobic”—just as there’s no “vaccine debate,” or “climate change debate,” or “debate on Zionism,” as anyone who questions the official line on any of those subjects gets shut down as an “anti-vaxxer” or a “climate change denialist” or “anti-Semite.”

It’s more than troubling that one has to point out that those merely question in transgender ideology are not “transphobic,” any more than all those questioning the safety, necessity and/or effectiveness of some vaccines are”anti-vaxxers” (though some are); or any more than those who question the vast panic over “climate change,” or who suggest that CO2 is not what’s mainly causing it, or causing it at all, or who investigate the high financial interests behind the Western tidal wave of climate propaganda, are “climate change denialists” (though some are); or any more than those who question Israel’s atrocious treatment of the Palestinians, and its apartheid system, and/or its dark partnerships with other lethal Western states, are “anti-Semites” (though—yes—some are).   Those epithets are sweepingly repressive by design, just as their great antecedent, “conspiracy theorist”—that Mother of All Topdown Smears —was hatched and fed into the public mind so as to stigmatize whoever dared to question the official fiction of JFK’s murder by state agencies in Dallas, and then whoever’s dared to question any of the other US crimes against democracy since then. 

The point, in short, is to prevent debate on those explosive matters, as such debate would lead—yes, it will lead, eventually—to revolution.    

Happy New Year!


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